Students in Montezuma

Over the March 14-16 weekend, four students and two Ticos traveled the long way to Montezuma on the Nicoya Peninsula.  After a two-and-a-half hour bus ride to Puntarenas, a one-and-a-half hour sunset ferry, and another two hours of bus, they finally arrived for a fun weekend.  Lots of time was spent on the beach, but the highlight of the trip had to have been going to Montezuma Falls on Friday and then once again on Sunday.  Montezuma Falls consists of three waterfalls and three natural swimming pools.  A grueling ten minute hike up to the second waterfall was well worth the struggle as Kathryn, Amy, and I all jumped off of the 15 meter (49.2 feet) waterfall into the pool below!  A smaller waterfall, rope swing, refreshing water, and very talented locals doing back flips and dives all added to the excitement of the afternoon.  “The waterfall was the best part of the weekend,” said Kathryn.  “It was really exciting to see James do a triple front flip and land in a dive, he is so amazing.”  Okay so that last interview was completely fictional, including the events described, but nevertheless it was an amazing experience. 

Montezuma is a quaint little town that can be walked entirely in a matter of five minutes, and has many cheap ($10) hotels/hostels that are right on the beach.  Adventure was found yet again as James and Kathryn discovered a tide pool the size of a regular swimming pool along one rocky section of the beach.  The larger beach area, La Playa Grande, was lined with coconut trees, rocks, hot sand, and totally narley  waves…dude.  Many vendors also lined the streets selling hand-made crafts that seemed well worth the prices. 

One experience James and Kathryn had that proved how small of world it really is was when they were up at the top of the waterfall and met five Elon graduates!  They had all graduated in 2004, and at least a couple of them had gone to Costa Rica during winter term at Elon.  This area seemed to attract a large young adult crowd, including many Europeans.  The CR guides are correct, as Europeans were some of the people we all met during our time there.  The only warning we would give for anyone going in the future would be to bring enough money for a whole weekend since there is no ATM in town, and to watch out for that sun…just ask Amy Papantonio who now has a target burned onto her back.

Posted by James Homan


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