This weekend proved to be quite different from the rest. Our group spent the weekend travelling to Monteverde, which consisted of beautiful mountains and rain forests. There were many activities to choose from including the zip lines and canopy tours, suspended bridges, coffee and horseback tours. We arrived in Monteverde Friday afternoon, after almost five hours on a bus, in which the last hour consisted of bumping and rolling around in our seats. We ate lunch in Santa Elena, a nearby town, and then proceeded on to our hotel, which was pretty amazing. Several students went to a Cheese Factory, while others ventured on to some nearby waterfalls. We ate dinner together at the hotel. Saturday morning we woke up early to go to the National Park and see some animals! Little did we know, there were no tour guides available. No worries, upon our arrival we spotted a quetzal, which immediately sparked the attention of our noted bird watching expert, Matt. We knew we could now guide ourselves through the park. The group split up and each of us took different routes. Each of us saw various animals and plants. We then regrouped and made our way back up the mountain to zip line. While many of us were afraid of heights, we all completed the zip lines and jumped from the ¨Tarzan swing.¨ I claimed to be a Liga soccer fan and one of the guides scarily placed the rope around my neck and not on my harness. Luckily, I was a good liar and convinced him I would become a new born Saprissa fan. I survived the jump and so did the rest of the group. The canopy tour lasted two hours, which for only thirty dollars, proved to be well worth it. There was the option of taking the bridge tours for ten more dollars. Many of the students took advantage of this incredible price. The canopy tour was one of my most memorable activities since arriving in Costa Rica. The guides were full of energy and used humor to divert attention away from the fear of gliding across a line connected only by a single harness. After we returned to the hotel, we had dinner together again and then celebrated Shannon´s birthday! The cake was different, not good, not bad, just different. We enjoyed its uniqueness. After a high class meal, most of us relaxed and read or spent time outside listening to music. Two students went to a local bar to watch the Carolina vs. Duke game. GO CAROLINA!!! On Sunday many of us went hiking while others enjoyed the luxuries of simply resting. This weekend was both adventurous and relaxing. Maybe next weekend will be spent at the beach. In Costa Rica, the opportunities to travel are unlimited!


Kristin Sutej


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