Environmental Science trip


Another sleepless weekend has passed where we ventured deep into the neotropical rainforest.  Our environmental science class journeyed to Tirimbina in Heredia.  We arrived at Tirimbina after a rather short 2 hour bus ride.  Mostly it was short because the majority of us slept the entire way.  Upon our arrival, a delicious Costa Rican lunch was awaiting us.  We devoured our food and prepared for our 3 hour hike to our cabins.  Along the way, we encountered a very informative Tico who basically answered any questions that we had, pointed out interesting things, and showed us a short cut.  After dinner (great food again), we went into the field and searched a mesh net for bats.  It was so exciting to see a live bat up close and hold it in my hand!  They showed us a presentation about bats, myths, and why they should be protected.  After an ice-cold, yet somewhat refreshing shower, star gazing followed.  More stars were visible that I’ve ever seen before in my life!  We hung out in hammocks and then crawled into our bunk–bed cabinas.  The next morning began extremely early.  Alejandra, our environmental science professor, James and Parker, got up at the crack of dawn to bird-watch.  Toucans were sighted.  The rest of the gang woke up at 6:30.  We had breakfast and then hiked down to the river.  With our crafty homemade nets, we divided into groups and splashed through the rainforest river.  While stumbling over rocks, climbing on vines, dancing like ballerinas to empty our rain boots, singing songs that take you back, we captured tons of insects and invertebrates.  We separated the bugs into orders and counted up our data.  The trip was a success and an amazing experience. 
Pura Vida,
Christina  Lewis

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