Afro-Caribbean music in Costa Rica

After a relaxing weekend at the beach everyone has settled back into our host families’ homes and into the classroom. Aside from the two student teachers, we are all taking Spanish four days a week in addition to a different mixture of: Education, General Studies Seminar, Environmental Science, and Latin American Politics. On Monday Manuel Monestel came to visit us at Mesoamerica. He gave an interactive lecture about Afro-Caribbean music.The second half of the class we played maracas and claves while we sang. Monestel also played a few songs for us.
We have a variety of plans for the upcoming weekend. Some of us will make the four and a half hour journey to Puerto Viejo, a beach town on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. We will be rocking out in a hammock hostel and renting bikes to roll over to Cahuita National Park. Others have decided to stay in San Jose for part of the weekend and take a day trip to go white water rafting. Whether we are watching the sunrise over the Caribbean Sea or enjoying the rapids of the Picuare River, we will all be embracing all that is: Pura Vida. Posted by Jessica Piazzaseminar on music












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