Manuel Antonio National Park

erica gierlach

This past weekend, our group traveled to Manuel Antonio, a city along the Pacific Ocean. Everyone was looking forward to this excursion, which came right after our first week of classes.

We headed out Friday morning and arrived in the early afternoon. Along the way, we stopped at the bridge over Rio Tárcoles because the largest population of crocodiles in Costa Rica inhabits that area. It was very interesting to see them. One group member bought some sausage to throw to the crocodiles. Since crocodiles can’t see, it was neat to see all the crocodiles respond at once when the sausage hit the water.

At Manuel Antonio, we enjoyed the beach very much. Many of us ran towards the beach as soon as we could after getting off of the bus. Some people were able to experience the Pacific Ocean for the very first time. On Saturday, most of the group went to Manuel Antonio National park. Some took a guided tour, while others chose to explore the park on their own so that they could enjoy more time at the beach. Either way, many different animals and plants were seen. There were too many to name them all, but some of the inhabitants that we saw were white-faced monkeys, two-toed sloths, lesser nighthawk, a deer, citronella plants, and black pepper plants. After a long day on the beach, many group members held a bonfire on the beach on Saturday night. The view of the fire with the stars up above was incredible and relaxing. Sunday morning was also spent at the beach, trying to soak up just a little bit more sun before heading home.

Overall the weekend was excellent. It was very relaxing and was much needed after the first week of classes.

Posted by Erica Gierlach


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