First impressions

Well, it’ll be a week tomorrow since we’ve all arrived in Costa Rica. I can’t speak for everyone, but judging by the smiles on everyone’s face, I think we’re all having a great time so far. Everything is still so new and exciting, and everyday we see something new. This past weekend, we went to Volcan Poas and La Paz Waterfall Gardens. It was so beautiful, minus the fact the volcano sulfur smelled like rotten eggs. At La Paz, there was a little “zoo-type” place we walked through before actually getting to the three waterfalls. We saw snakes, all types of crazy-lookin’ frogs, butterflies, and hummingbirds. I think those were the coolest, because you literally stand in the middle of their garden and they just surround you, buzz by and skim your head. The waterfalls were so beautiful; it’s very close to paradise, if not exactly. This weekend we’re going to Manuel Antonio, a beach on the Pacific Ocean. Some of us are planning on taking surf lessons, or snorkeling. But I think we’re all excited just to have the weekend to see more of this amazing country.

Well, I guess more will come later, but for right now, we’re all just trying not to laugh at ourselves too hard when we try to speak Spanish.

Pura Vida!

Posted by Amy Papantonio


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